Soldiers, Guards & Units

Welcome to Kebec. Having now arrived at the Port of Kebec within the New World, Single Males with little or no lifeskills and not chosen by a Skilled Tradesman, you will be endentured as Soldiers for a period of not less than 5 years. During this time, you will be trained by Skilled Soldiers and Trainers until your period of endetured service is completed. Upon Completion, you may choose to continue and be promoted as you Gain more experience, or choose to learn a trade from a Skilled Tradesman

Solders Live inside the Citadel within the Garrison. You will be paid a reasonable wage, but will also be required to purchase your own weapons and armaments from the Armoury.

Being a Soldier is a predominantly male bastion, though females are often known to learn the soldiering skills in secrecy. Sexism does exist within Kebec, to the point where women in the Garrision are non-existent as recruits, let alone Soldiers. Basic Training includes Weapons & Tactics, Map & Compass, Fieldcraft and Survival Skills.

Skill Features

Solders all begin as a recruit, and of course there are exceptions. Officer Cadets are that exception, and are actually trained to be a soldier by a Corporal alongside other recruits, but also recieves additional training by a Leiutenant on how to be an officer. Basic Training lasts for 16 weeks, and all recruits & Officer Cadets must sustain an average or better skill level, or they will wash-out of training. Such a failure does not offer many positive advancements, so it is always best to be attentive and learn.

As with most things, you can choose what you want to become, So if you should fail Basic Training, make your next Choice Wisely, as the word gets around quickly if you Fail Miserably. It is not uncommon for Failed Recruits to end up in the Bastille.

Graduation and Your First Post

Congrats! - You Made it!

Your Name, be Proud of it. You only get one. If you Can't Read or Write, just set your Mark X, and carry-on. You May Find the Time Later to Learn your letters.

As a Newly Trained Soldier, your 1st Post is bound to be exciting. Those at the top of the Recruit Class will often be fast-tracked towards a quick Promotion to Corporal to a post within the Guards, or a Specialty Unit.

Bon Chance!

A Soldier's Life in 1661

Strength Through Unity! Alas yes; They are the ties that do Truly Bind. Faith & Trust are the cornerstone of every Military Unit. They unite all members together in the spirit of Esprit de Corps. By Decree of the Governor of Kebec, every Soldier who faithfully serves a minimum of 5 years shall be rewarded with a 5 acre parcel of land as a retirement. Every Additional 5 Year Tenure doubles the Retirement Reward.

To be Entitled to Receive the Soldier's Retirement, a retired Soldier may simply register with the Local Magistrate along with His Regimental Number. The Magistrate will record the Soldier's Retirement along with any details for the prosperity of the entire Colony.

Within Kebec, Deserters are ineligible. The Governor has thusly spoken, therefore it shall be henceforth.