Being a Servant

Welcome to Kebec. Having now arrived at the Port of Kebec within the New World, Single Males and Females with some lifeskills, are often immediately chosen to augement the staff of wealthy patrons and will be endentured into being a Servant. Servants are particularly chosen for their ability to be willing to serve, in addition to being healthy and of above average looks. Upon Completion of an endentured period of service, you may choose to continue and be promoted within the household as you gain more experience.

The Servant's Quarters are not all that spacious, but they are clean and offer something much better than living on the streets and alleyways of the colony. You will be paid a reasonable wage, if you earn it. Clothing is provided, but will be deducted from your wages and you'll be expected to appear presentable at all times. It is understood that Servants work long hours, in accordance with their duties and assigned chores.

Being a Servant means you will be adequately fed, with access to regular laundry and bathing facilities. The Butler is in charge of all the Servants and will deal out punishment as required, for poor performance of any assigned task. Being a Servant is a coveted job position, so don't screw up!

Skill Features

All Servants begin their endenture learning whatever is required for the vacancy they are going to fill. Your skills will be observed closely to determine if you are best suited elsewhere or recommended to continue endentured service. Outstandingly Beautiful Young Men and Women are an exception, and may be trained by a Wealthy Patron's Butler or Maid on how to act appropriately. As a Servant, your training lasts for several weeks, possibly months. Failure to be accepted does not offer many positive advancements, so it is always best to be attentive and learn. Ending up in the street, face down in a gutter has been known to happen.

Should you excel during your initial training, you could find yourself being admired or perhaps being promoted to a position within the hosehold. The Missionary Position is sometimes the best position to advance quickly, and will have perks with access to many other opportunities.

Virginal Servants

WHOOHOO! You Still Have it!

Your Virginity, be Proud of it. You only lose it once. If you Can't Read or Write, just set your Mark X. You May Find the Time Later to Learn your letters, if you can manage your time.

As a Virginal servant, you may be required to be a bed chamber companion. You may find yourself being fast-tracked towards something more, if your virginity is less important than finding yourself returned to the Wharfmaster.

Bon Chance!

A Servant's Life in 1661

By Decree of the Governor of Kebec, even being in the 2nd oldest profession comes with a tax. Being a Servant does have rewards.

A Servant may often be recruited to spy on their patron, but don't get caught! The Magistrate's gavel will be swift and you'll find yourself without your head remaining attatched.

Within Kebec, All Servants are forbidden to be employed, unless they have been processed by the Governor's Magistrate and duly registered.