La Rochelle

Welcome to the Sea Port of La Rochelle. It is now your choice to stay, or to go. You have been chosen to live a long life in the New World. It is best if you find the Quartermaster and reserve a Berth for your Voyage. Do Not Tarry, as the ship will set sail, with or without you on board.

"Make haste ya lubber! Yer berth be locale 'afore midship!"

The Voyage

Your Voyage to Kebec begins with the morning tide. All able bodies are expected to do their part in getting the ship underway. The Ship's Mate is in charge of the Deck Hands and Crew. Fail an assigned task or get in the way, and you will find yourself swimming. Bon Voyage!

Aboard Ship, Males are expected to:

  • Run a line and heave to with the others.
  • Climb the rigging and set sails.
  • Swab the Decks.
  • Dine with the Crew.
  • Join the Watch List.
  • Keep things Ship-Shape and Ready Aye.

Aboard Ship, Females are expected to:

  • Report to the Ship's Galley.
  • Perform Menial Tasks as required.
  • Get Below Deck while the Ship gets underway.
  • Serve Dinner to the Officers at the Captain's Table.
  • Entertain the Crew when requested.
  • Keep the Galley Ship-Shape and Ready Aye.

Life Aboard Ship can be Perilous; Bribery, Blackmail, Theft... even Murder are legitimate actions within the Game World. How you choose to survive, depends upon no one but yourself.


If you survive the voyage to Kebec, You can decide if you wish to disembark and join the Colony, or join the Ship's Company. Set your Mark X upon the Captain's Log next to your Name worthy seafarer. For everyone else, gather your worldly possessions about you tightly and step lively onto the jetty.

Your first order of business is to register with the Magister. The Magister is well known to take bribes. In return, the Magister may offer you directions to the nearest end of the jetty if your offer is an insult. Make your Mark X if you are the illiterate spawn of a whore, or elegantly scroll your signature if the accident of your birth has allowed you to be educated.

Your first steps beyond the Magister's office will be met with the watchful eyes of the Colonists. From here your adventure within Kebec truly begins. Those fortunate enough to bearer Letters Patent from the King, shall be whisked away via carriage to the Governor's Mansion for a regal reception. All others are on their own.

But ~ But ~ But !!

Kebec is as Politically Incorrect as any Virtual Reality can Possibly Be. Are You Offended?

Piss Off, You Nutter!

There are no rules, except the one's your moral compass points you towards. The Primary Features of Kebec have been compiled from an expansive list of requests from Gamers, who truly want to be a part of a World, where Reality is left at the door along with seemingly drastic levels of intefrerence from special interest groups, who want to shape the world to their ideals. Kebec is not the place for your Soapboxes and Pulpits.

Kebec is the place where the players decide what they want to do and what they want their characters to become. But be warned, the Game Masters are aptly named and their word is FINAL. Be it Wind, Water, Earth or Fire, awaken one of the four Game Masters from their slumber, be prepared to accept their final decision. There is no appeal, excepting only Gaiha.

WARNING: Because Gaiha's judgment within the world is a fact, you must take the means of escape Gaiha will provide.