Herbalists & Apothecary

Hebalists is the Historical Name for a Medical Professional who owns and operates an Apothecary. The Dispensing of Materia Medica; which is a Latin-Term for the expansive body of collected knowledge pertaining to the theraputic properties of any substance used for healing, will begin with your endenture as an Herbalist for a period of not less than 15 years. During this time, you will be trained by a Skilled Herbalist until your period of endetured service is completed. Upon Completion, you will have gained enough experience to have begun writing your most prized possession; An Apothecary Tome. As only a Skilled Herbalist may own and operate an Apothecary, you will be in a unique position to venture out on your own, or continue as a business partner with your Trainer.

Apprentice Herbalists live, work & learn within the confines of an Apothecary. You will not be paid a wage, nor salary, as your entire endenture will be focused upon learning an invaluable skill set. Because the Hebalist Skill Set is so specialised, an Apothecary is often an inheritance from an older relative; such as a Mother, Aunt or Grandmother.

Being an Herbalist is a female skill set, though males are often known to learn a small portion of the skill as part of becoming a Doctor. Due to the exact nature of this skill, only Litterate and Highly Intelligent Females are indoctrinated as apprentices. Often bearing the honorary tittle of Madame, these women were highly respected by everyone within the Colony.

Skill Features

As an Apprentice Herbalist, you will be required to harvest quantities of Plants, Rocks & Minerals. Even as an Apprentice, you will be assigned an escort or more appropriately; a Chaperone. Being a literate young female will often draw kidnappers and rapists hoping to trade for silver.

It is not uncommon for an Apprentice to become pregnant and to openly show the signs of her pregnancy, even though she is not married. More often than not, while the father of the child was not important, being pregnant and subsequent employment as a wet nurse to a wealthy family, will ensure a steady income.

You Will Succeed!

Congrats! - You Made it!

Your Name, and your breasts. Be equally proud of them. Just set your hand to sign your name, and carry-on. Your first duty will be to impale yourself upon several annonymous erections and harvest fresh semen and sperm for sale to wealthy women wanting to ensure a pregnancy.

As a New Apprentice, your 1st duty is bound to be exciting with no shortage of young virile men making a deposit in exchange for an herbal remedy. Their harvested sperm will of course have a consequence with your own belly becoming swollen.

Bon Chance!

A Soldier's Life in 1661

Strength Through Unity! Alas yes; They are the ties that do Truly Bind. Faith & Trust are the cornerstone of every Military Unit. They unite all members together in the spirit of Esprit de Corps. By Decree of the Governor of Kebec, every Soldier who faithfully serves a minimum of 5 years shall be rewarded with a 5 acre parcel of land as a retirement. Every Additional 5 Year Tenure doubles the Retirement Reward.

To be Entitled to Receive the Soldier's Retirement, a retired Soldier may simply register with the Local Magistrate along with His Regimental Number. The Magistrate will record the Soldier's Retirement along with any details for the prosperity of the entire Colony.

Within Kebec, Deserters are ineligible. The Governor has thusly spoken, therefore it shall be henceforth.