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Step carefully as you embark upon your Adventure.
Bon Chance Mes Amies!


Kebec is looking to Recruit YOU!

Are you someone with Mad Skills? Can you design digital clothing using 2D maps and image editing software?

Are you a Prop Designer? Do you know the difference between an *.obj file and a *.dae file? The Geek Squad is Looking for you!

Once the Forum is Open, feel free to make a posting in the recruiting section with a sample of your work.

Moderators & Game Masters

Calling All Gamerz! Hear Ye! Hear Ye!

Do you think you have what it takes to be a Forum Moderator or a Game Master? Once the Forum is Open, feel free to make a posting in the recruiting section with a copy of your Resume.

What Is Kebec 1661

Kebec is an Algonquin word meaning "Where the River Narrows".

It all began from a singular frustration that most MMORPG's are built upon some sort of premise whereby players advance through various levels, perform some sort of quest(s) within each level, and finally amass enough experience points, like it is a scoreboard. Kebec is different. There is no Scoreboard, there are no LEVELS separating players from each other. There is one world, where there are no rules, except the one's your moral compass points you towards.

Kebec is a Computer Sciences Thesis Project, wholly Owned and Maintained with the Assistance of an Open Source Development Community of Fellow Members of the Geek Squad. The Generous Donations from Family, Friends, and Gamerz like you, help to keep costs at manageable levels, thus reduce wasted effort, and keep the focus on the Science. From its conception, this 3D Virtual Reality is designed to be the next generation benchmark for online gaming well into the future.