Farmers and Families

Welcome to Kebec. Having now arrived at the Port of Kebec within the New World, The Local Magistrate has been tasked with recruiting people to clear parcels of Land. Will you Accept the menial task of Farming?

Being a Farmer is a trades skill that accepts only males, while females often marry into it. Only those who have a strong constitution and physical strength are accepted. Accidents happen, as does disease, but you will learn how to sow the ground to produce crops. You will have no formal training, but are expected to learn well. The ten acre parcel of land granted to you can be taken away as quickly as it was given.

Being a Farmer has little notoriety. Becoming a fully qualified Farmer is wholly dependant upon having something to harvest. You will have no shortage of problems. Being recruited to being a Farmer is beneath members of Kebec's more affluent population, but having a Wealthy friend could be of great benefit.

Skill Features

For your skill, you must be wary of the Garrison Soldiers. Farming is a skill older than dirt itself. It is imperative that you do not get caught hiding anything when they come to collect the Governor's Taxes.

As with most things, you can choose what you want to become. So if too many of your crops fail, make your next Choice Wisely, as the word gets around quickly if you can't even grow weeds. It is not uncommon for a failed Farmer to end up as an Infantry Soldier, with no place else to go.

Your Farm

Congrats! - You Made it!

You're a Farmer! Be Proud of it, since no one else will really care. It is very common for a Farmer to be endowed with a wife and many children. Having several sons is as equally important as a daughter.

As a Farmer you will be busy attending to an endless amount of chores! Be sure to save some money for your taxes! The Guards from the Garisson will no doubt stop by to collect.

Bon Chance!

A Farmer's Life in 1661

Your day will begin at dawn and end after sunset, without much fanfare. The ground you walk upon is a gift from the Governor. Producing a crop of some sort, and raising animals for the colony is what you have been tasked to do.

As a Farmer, you will be expected to be ready to attend to your Farm each and everyday. Making friends with the locals will be as important as choosing what to grow. Your Farm will need a great many things. Having a house that you built will keep you and your family safe from roving bands of savages. Being prosperous could mean as little as having a large Family to share it with.

Within Kebec, a Farmer gets very few visitors, excepting perhaps your neighbors. Perhaps there is a Farmer's daughter seeking a husband on the next farm over. Seek and you may find.