Doctors and Nurses

Welcome to Kebec. Having now arrived at the Port of Kebec within the New World, it has been noted that you can not only read & write, but you have some basic medical skills. Will you Accept the arduous task of learning more?

Being a Doctor is a trades skill that accepts only males, while females will become Nurses. Only those who have a strong constitution are accepted. Accidents happen, as does disease. As a medical student you will learn how to provide even the simplest of care to those in need, but your early training will consist of extensive study. Learn well.

Being a Doctor or Nurse brings with it notoriety. Becoming a fully qualified Doctor, you will have no shortage of patients seeking care. Being recruited to provide private care for members of Kebec's more affluent population could raise your status to a new height. One truth is certain however, your mistakes will be buried.

Skill Features

For your skill, your medical bag is always packed and ready to use. Whether you choose to provide immediate care to the Garrison Soldiers, or enter Private Practice, it is imperative that you do not get caught experimenting on your patients.

As with most things, you can choose what you want to become. So if too many of your patients expire, make your next Choice Wisely, as the word gets around quickly if you Fail Miserably. It is not uncommon for a failed Medical student to end up as an Infantry Medic, with no place else to go.

Your Doctorate

Congrats! - You Made it!

You're a Doctor! Be Proud of it. Nurses should be as equally proud.

As a New Doctor or Nurse you will be busy attending to an endless lineup of soldiers injured during training! Be sure to save some money for your taxes! The Guards from the Garisson will no doubt stop by to collect.

Bon Chance!

A Doctor and Nurse's Life in 1661

Your day will begin and end without much fanfare. Late Night House Calls are common. The company you keep will determine who's houses you will most common be called to.

As a Doctor, you will be expected to be ready to attend to the sick or wounded. Shortages of medical supplies are of no consequence to your patientss, so making friends with the locals will be as important as making a proper diagnosis.

Within Kebec, a Doctor is frequented by many wayward strangers, sometimes with requests for future services.