Game Masters

The Game Masters reside within Kebec to only intervene when required.

While they peacefully slumber, it is always best to settle disputes amongst Members (and their respective Character Avatars) at the lowest level possible, namely; Between the members involved and if required, with a mutually agreed Member willing to mediate. If and only if mediation fails, should a Game Master be contacted. Be Advised though; Once awakened, a Game Master's decision is FINAL.

As a Final Solution, Gaiha herself could be awakened by her Children to render a Final Decision. Member Players, whose actions affect the Population of Kebec, and through their actions, are determined to be a detriment as a whole to Kebec shall FORFIET any further consideration.


Gaiha is the Goddess of all Goddesses, and seldom likes to be awakened from her slumber. Her Children, namely; Earth, Water, Wind and Fire will assist you.

Gaiha rests peacefully within the arms of Earth, blanketed with Water's embrace, slumbering with the sweet sound of Wind's song, enveloped within a warm drape of Fire. Gaiha becomes the angel of death and will only return to sleep with a soul as accompaniment once awakened. Be warned. Your actions within the Colony determine your ultimate albeit perhaps untimely fate. Do not by purpose or design perform an action which will awaken Gaiha. There will be no warning of your impending fate nor merciful reprieve. So it is written you will accompany Gaiha and speak no more.


Earth is Gaiha's First Born and is the God over all the Elements of Solid Matter.

Perhaps the strongest of the four, Earth can provide the crops to take hold and allow the deer and bears of the forest a place to live. Earth can also entomb the unwary who should delve too deep into his flesh. He adores his brother and sisters and come crashing down upon any citizen without warning.


Water is Gaiha's Second Born and is the Goddess over all the Elements of Liquid Matter.

From as small as a single droplet to the Great Expanse of the Inland Lakes, Water give the sustenance of life and extinguishes Fire's flame with her touch. Water can also be merciless when her twin sister joins in and regale within the rooms of their ice water mansion.


Wind is Gaiha's Third Born and is the Goddess over all the Elements of Gaseous Matter.

Whether as fierce as the howl of the tattle tale sound of creaking branches when the gales of Winter come early, or she pushes her twin sister to crash in waves upon the shores of the great inland fresh water lakes, Wind is as equally as powerful as her siblings. Do not beseech her as fool, lest ye wish to be thrown asunder.


Fire is Gaiha's Fourth Born and is Special. As Giaha's Youngest, He is endowed with the Element of Fire, which can be both useful and destructive.

Fire can be useful when set within a Blacksmith's forge, or to simply provide a candle by which to light one's way in the dark. But true to his name, Fire can set anything ablaze by his touch. When there's smoke in the sky, do not wonder why. When there's Fire on the Ground and his hand stretches out, it is already beyond your reach.