Welcome to Kebec. Having now arrived at the Port of Kebec within the New World, a lone Cobbler has seen fit to select you to work with leather. Will you Accept?

Being a Cobbler is a trades skill that accepts primarily males. Only females with an exceptional skill are accepted. Everyone needs to wear something on their feet. As an apprentice you will learn how to make shoes and boots, but your early training will consist of repairing and resole well worn footwear.

Being a Cobbler has very few perks. Becoming a fully qualified Cobbler, you may choose to enhance or modify basic footwear into something more respendent and elegent footwear, that may be sold to members of Kebec's more affluent population, for a sizable profit.

Skill Features

Leather is the basic raw material for your skill, so are the punches and heavy awls you will need to stitch your way to Fame and Glory. Whether you choose to repair worn-out boots from the Garrison Soldiers, without your hands still attached to your arms, you will have nothing. So it is imperative that you do not get caught moolighting as a Thief.

As with most things, you can choose what you want to become, So if you should fail to master the basics of Cobbling, make your next Choice Wisely, as the word gets around quickly if you Fail Miserably. It is not uncommon for Failed Cobbler's Apprentice to end up in the streets, with no place else to go.

Apprentice Graduation

Congrats! - You Made it!

Your Name, be Proud of it. You only get one. If you Can't Read or Write, just set your Mark X, and carry-on. You May Find the Time Later to Learn your letters.

As a New Cobbler, your first task will be to get busy and tan some animal hides. There will no shortage of soldiers feet to protect from the cold winters! Be sure to save some money for your taxes! The Guards from the Garisson will no doubt stop by to collect.

Bon Chance!

A Cobbler's Life in 1661

Your day will begin and end without much fanfare. Having a newly cobbled boots and shoes to sell mean nothing without feet to fill them.

As a Cobbler, you will be expected to be open for business everyday. Shortages are of no consequence to your customers, so making friends with the Farmers and local Butchers will be as important as keeping your fingers busy. Having Family around could be a way to ensure you thrive.

Within Kebec, the Cobbler's Shop is frequented as often as the local Tavern.