Blacksmiths & Forges

Welcome to Kebec. Having now arrived at the Port of Kebec within the New World, a Master Artisan has selected you to become a Blacksmith. Will you Accept?

Being a Blacksmith is a trades skill that requires great physical strength and endurance. As an apprentice you will learn how to smelt iron and shape it. Your Master will most certainly teach you how to use a forge to create steel. Being a Male ONLY skills trade, you will have a set of pipes on you that will make women gather in large numbers to watch you work.

Being a Blacksmith has many perks. Becoming a Master Smith is the pinacle of your Skill, with often being commisioned to create elegant weapons or swords for members Kebec's more affluent population, at a very tidy profit.

Skill Features

Iron Ore is the building block for your skill, so is the forge you will need to hammer your finished products into shape. Always keep an ample supply of firewood on hand, or if you can afford it - Coal from the Mines. Without a heat source, you will have nothing. Providing quality mining tools will no doubt keep you in a steady supply of coal to heat your forge, and iron ore too!

As with most things, you can choose what you want to become, So if you should fail to master the basics of Blacksmithing, make your next Choice Wisely, as the word gets around quickly if you Fail Miserably. It is not uncommon for Failed Blacksmith's Apprentice to end up as a recruit at the Garrison.

Apprentice Graduation

Congrats! - You Made it!

You're now a Smith. It's your Name, be Proud of it. If you Can't Read or Write, just set your Mark X, and carry-on. You May Find the Time Later to Learn your letters.

As a New Blacksmith, you may have been kicked in the head more than once shodding a horse. Don't worry about it! Being as dumb as a post isn't as bad as it sounds. There will no shortage of horse shoes up your ass! Be sure to save money for your taxes! The Guards from the Garisson will no doubt stop by to collect and they have sharp pointy things.

Bon Chance!

A Smith's Life in 1661

Your day will never end, or so it would seem. Tired and aching muscles do not slow you down, they only make you more determined.

As a Blacksmith, you will be expected to be open for business everyday. Shortages of Iron Ore and Coal are uncommon. The Mines keep a steady flow for your forge.

Within Kebec, the Blacksmith's Shop is the center of the immediate community. Usually located next to a livery, there will be no shortage of work for you. Be sure to choose a smart woman to be your wife, because you often forget to collect for your services.