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Mar. 3, 2016

Kebec1661 Started out almost 3 years ago, while the CREW and I were searching for a new game to dive into. What we found was rather shocking.

Having been to WoW, and of course all the other big game tittles, they were starting to become all the same. While the graphics were always good, they seriously lacked a challenge. There were very few member driven 3D worlds out there to explore.

Kebec began as a brain storm, and it didn't even have a name yet, between a number of us hard-core gamerz that wanted something different. We wanted something unique; something that stood apart from all the rest of the games out there, and most of all... we wanted it with ALL the naughty bits. So on on April 21, 2013, Kebec was given a project designation, as 1661.

Project 1661

April 21, 2013

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Why such a non-descript designation as 1661? Well it was pretty simple actually.
1 + 6 = 6 + 1 ; 7 = 7... and 77 is 8 more than 69 - THE Naughty Number!

So it began... instead of PLAYING a game, we were going to MAKE one!

The Rules

Fairly simple and very few; All software MUST be Open Source AND had to be, not only Linux compatible, it had to be Linux based. Surprisingly, the list got pretty big, really fast; inside 6 months the list was over 500 individual pieces of software that were freely available for use under a wide range of variations of the Creative Commons Licence.


  1. Ubuntu
  2. Firefox
  3. Samba
  4. Apache
  5. Git
  6. Blender
  7. Cmake
  8. Newton
  9. MakeHuman
  10. FileZilla
  11. Jabber
  12. MYGUI
  13. Oracle
  14. Sludge
  15. phpBB
  16. Eclipse
  17. Code::Blocks
  18. Python
  19. Maven
  20. Gespeaker
  21. Audacity
  22. Flowblade
  23. ...and hundreds more