Welcome to Kebec. It is the Year 1661, and the New World is waiting to be Explored by You and Exploited by those who call themselves Kings. Founded a mear 53 years earlier, Kebec is situated above the River Narrows on the cliffs overlooking the waters below. It is easily defended by those who have come to call it home. Your arrival means the King's Appointed Governor will have another Citizen to Tax.

Step carefully as you embark upon your Adventure.
Bon Chance Mes Amies!

About Kebec

Kebec is designed to be an Adult Classed, Massive-Multiplayer Online Role Play Game (MMORPG) that is wholly player driven. To explain this with a single word - Causality. Your Choices will not only affect You and Your Character, but also every Member and their respective Avatar. You can achieve your goals if you choose to, or simply languish into obscurity marked by a Pauper's Grave. The Governor's Magistrate is waiting to receive you.

Within Kebec, you can Interact:

  • With Other Colonials such as yourself, via a Real-Time Chat Portal.
  • With Non-Player Characters (NPC).
  • Explore outside the established boundaries of the Colony.
  • Choose a Trade Skill.
  • Apply for a King's Charter and become a Voyageur.
  • Establish a Dynasty!
  • Go Rogue and Live Amongst the Aboriginals.

Within Kebec; Bribery, Blackmail, Theft... even Murder are legitimate actions within the Game World. How you choose to survive, depends upon no one but yourself.

The Possibilities are only limited to your imagination! Unite with other characters within one of the sects and become more than the King's Guards can endure. Be Warned tho, your choices may lead you to the Guilotine where, once your head comes off your shoulders... it is all over. As there is no honour amongst thieves, anything you have amassed could become someone else's gain.

Getting Started

To Begin your Adventure within Kebec

Download the Client and install it. While you are waiting for the installer to perform its tasks, Jump to the Memberships Page where you may purchase a Product Key. The Client will not work without one.

Client Download

Once installed, with a Valid Product Key, Your 1st adventure begins with the Avatar Selection Screen. Here you can choose the Character Personification of your choice. From a Menu driven series of choices, the Character Creation Matrix will create your Character's Avatar, including a Name.

Once you are satisfied with your Avatar, simply ENTER Kebec and you will drop into your Personification, at the embarkation point within the Sea Port of La Rochelle, where one of three supply ships will be waiting to provide you with a Berth for your passage to Kebec. Bon Voyage!

What Is Kebec 1661

Kebec is an Algonquin word meaning "Where the River Narrows".

It all began from a singular frustration that most MMORPG's are built upon some sort of premise whereby players advance through various levels, perform some sort of quest(s) within each level, and finally amass enough experience points, like it is a scoreboard. Kebec is different. There is no Scoreboard, there are no LEVELS separating players from each other. There is one world, where there are no rules, except the one's your moral compass points you towards.

Kebec is a Computer Sciences Thesis Project, wholly Owned and Maintained with the Assistance of an Open Source Development Community of Fellow Members of the Geek Squad. The Generous Donations from Family, Friends, and Gamerz like you, help to keep costs at manageable levels, thus reduce wasted effort, and keep the focus on the Science. From its conception, this 3D Virtual Reality is designed to be the next generation benchmark for online gaming well into the future.